• Ecovillage & Permaculture
Bangladesh Ecovillage and Permaculture Village Initiatives:

BASD is greatly concerned about environment, nature care and climate change issues and trying to mitigate and adaptation for long years. For strengthening the initiatives, BASD started developing Ecovillages in the country. The organization is working with 60 traditional villages for transforming into Ecovillages in South Bengal like Dacope of Khulna and Mongla of Bagerhat. 25 traditional villages are transformed partially into Ecovillages of whose community people are practicing partly permaculture design for cultivation and following principles of Ecovillagesand permaculture. Besides, BASD is encouraging and working together with 10 NGOs of different districts for transforming their 15 traditional villages into Ecovillages. BASD has a long term plan for education, development and working with 1,000 villages in rural and urban in the country for transforming them into Ecovillage and expects to educate and train at least 10,000 farmers, teachers, students, leaders, researchers and GO-NGO personnel on permaculture design and Ecovillage design so that the community people will be more ecological, social, spiritual and economical, community will be environment friendly and green. For strengthening of this initiative, BASD is looking for partners, well wishers and donors for discussing and fruitful implementation. Pleases see various climate change adaptation and disaster adaptation techniques in the bellow that the Ecovillages and permaculture communities are practicing in the Southern Bangladesh. Please see also the video ‘In the line of Life’ in this regard in YouTube.

The completion of Permaculture Design Course by the community people
How community people are working together to make saline tolerant raised bed

The 1st Ecovillage started in Bangladesh at Prottasha-Julekha, Upazila - Srimongal, District – Moulovibazar in March 2005 initially with 32 members but later the number was 86 which is not functioning well at present. Later the initiative taken in Southern Bengal. Gradually the number of Ecovillage increased in the country. Presently Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD) is working with 60 Ecovillages in Dacope of Khulna and Mongla of Bagerhat but among them 25 traditional villages are transformed partially into Ecovillages of whose community people are practicing partly permaculture design for cultivation and following principles of Ecovillages and permaculture.

In Dacope upazila, BASD is working at Banishanta and Koilashgonj Unions. In Banishanta:
16 Ecovillage communities where BASD is presently working and they are:
1) Uttar Banishanta, 2) Gora Khajuriya, 3) Arua Dhayingmari, 4) East Khejuriya, 5) North Amtola, 6) Bilpar, 7) West Khajuriya, 8) Kakrabuniya, 9) Andharmanik, 10) Shundarbon, 11) West Dhayingmari, 12) Banishanta (Dolit), 13) West Banishanta, 14) Purbo Banishanta, 15) East Amtola and 16) Ramnagor.

In Mongla, BASD is working with 9 Ecovillage communities:
1) Masmara, 2) Shelabuniya Morshed Sharok, 3) Shelabuniya Afseruddin Sharok, 4) Kamerdanga, 5) Galachipa Burirdanga, 6) South Kainmari, 7) North Kainmari, 8) Malgazi, 9) Klatala.

People of these areas have experienced severe cyclone Sidr in 2007 and Aila in 2009. After starting the movement, these communities have some changes in ecological, social, economical and spiritual aspects due to Ecovillage movement. Most of the ecovillage people started cultivating organic vegetable. They are avoiding chemical compost and pesticides and applying instead organic matters such as hard compost, liquid compost, vermi compost and so on into their land and garden. Therefore, they are getting fresh and green vegetables, which are ensuring family food security and increasing family food nutrition. Some of them are earning a good amount of money by selling in the local markets. Some are practicing mixed fish cultivation and vegetable cultivation beside the ponds. Some are developing nurseries which ensure green plants and trees in the villages with a healthy environment. In a word, people of Dacope and Mongla have started ecological friendly practices, which shows apparently Ecological Movement in those areas.

BASD is closely working with Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Networks (C-MAN) for promotion of Ecovillage and Permaculture Design in different districts of the country.

Village community working together in paddy field
Village community enjoying catching fishes together